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Image by Joshua Lanzarini

planting the seed

The seed was planted when the Crossville Rotary Clubs learned about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the economic, health, and well-being impact of ACEs on people and communities in Tennessee and Cumberland County.

nurturing growth

As the idea began to grow, it was nourished by the two ACEs Rotary Grant in 2020-2021. The primary goal of the grant was to create a sustainable, multidisciplinary, collaborative framework to build a trauma informed and resilient community. 

Image by Jen Theodore
Image by Peter Žagar

roots deepen

In May 2021, the Trauma-Informed Community Alliance (T.I.C.A) was formed consisting of a network of partners from multiple sectors dedicated to developing a community-wide trauma-informed system of care. In 2022, TICA recieved their 501c3 and were designated as nonprofit. 

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